Disguise the Limit – 2005

Disguise the Limit (2005)

Original Instrumentals

This is a collection of improvised instrumental pieces from live solo recordings of 2005, mostly from ‘Py Hy’ Espresso Bar in West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

An electrified acoustic guitar was played through an array of effects, including a “looper”, which enables phrases to be recorded on the spot and immediately played back repeatedly, while other sounds are overlaid. Also used were a couple of stomp boards (percussion) and occasionally some tin whistle.

The moods move between ambient and wild.
This is how it sounded live and solo.

All tracks written & performed by John Malcolm – guitar, foot percussion, tin whistle.


  1. Devil’s Marbles
  2. Oscar’s Moment
  3. Nick’s Party
  4. Tea and Leatherwood
  5. Ominous Clouds
  6. Neon Leg
  7. Footpath Cappuccino
  8. Always Sunrise Somewhere
  9. Sweeping Up Flowers
  10. Never a Dull Monument
  11. Promise Not to Miss Me

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