Dream a Day – 2010

Dream a Day (2010)Original Instrumentals

A bunch of poetic folk-rock originals, with hot guitar accompaniment, plus one ambient loop-layered instrumental featuring mbira with guitar.

Here we have a collection of songs with poetic and somewhat philosophical lyrics. While not hi-fi, these live recordings have an edgy reality in the sound. An electrified acoustic guitar with effects accompanies the heartfelt singing. The final track is instrumental, featurung a loop laid down live with the mbira (African thumb piano), overlaid with guitar.

John is committed to his art, and uses music as a way of exploring the heart and soul of his life experience and the world around him. His music has been described as humorous, introspective, profound, and brilliantly original.

All tracks written & performed by John Malcolm – guitar, vocals, foot percussion.


  1. Sleep and Dream
  2. Too Many Lovers
  3. The Name of Freedom
  4. Time Stands Still
  5. Angel Gear
  6. Gold
  7. Throught These Changes
  8. Mbira Jam 1

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