Through These Changes – 2008

Through These Changes (2008)Original Instrumentals

An interesting mix of poetic folk-rock songs and quirky instrumentals.

My work has a lot of different influences; I started out as a “folk singer” and picked up influences from rock, jazz, flamenco etc.  The lyrics are not simply throw-away lines that fit the beat; each song has its own message, sometimes humourous, sometimes deep, sometimes flashing imagery. Electro-acoustic guitar sometimes sounds delicate, and sometimes soaring,  more like electric guitar. The last two tracks are spacey instrumentals involving live looping, with mbira (thumb piano) underlying the guitar.

All tracks written & performed by John Malcolm – guitar, vocals, foot percussion.


  1. Through These Changes
  2. Too Many Lovers
  3. The Name of Freedom
  4. Sleep and Dream
  5. Tangerine
  6. Fanatic Believer
  7. Sydney Night
  8. Mbira Jam #1

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