Fingerpainting – 2000

Fingerpainting (2000)Original Guitar Instrumentals

A collection of eclectic acoustic guitar instrumentals. High fidelity recordings of totally unplugged acoustic guitars. Although the tracks work as a collection, there is a lot of diversity here.

All tracks are high-fidelity microphone recordings of totally acoustic solo guitar instrumentals, with no effects or overdubbing. Styles range from classical to quirky muffled or “stuffed guitar” sounds, reminiscent of dGary’s  Malagassy guitar sound. Unexpected twists in the composition keep things moving. Overall this album works as quality background music but also repays careful attention.

All songs written & performed by John Malcolm – guitar.


  1. Stickman’s holiday
  2. Wooden frogs
  3. Eagle hunting
  4. Legs of the Watermelon
  5. Phrygian Lament
  6. Desmond’s rusty pushbike pedal
  7. Nullabor
  8. Eagle Dreaming
  9. Purple Thistle Honey
  10. Forgiveness

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