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  1. Bill Collins says:

    John captivates and hold his audience through both his technical prowess and the sheer diversity of his music. His fingers fly up and down the fretboard at the speed of sound, exquisite melodies and complex rhythms interweaving and combining in the name of passion and true creative expression.

  2. Geoff Nicholson says:

    When it comes to guitarists, Brisbane’s own John Malcolm is one of those players who makes you walk out of a gig with your jaw on the floor…

  3. Noosa News Entertainer says:

    John plays a range of musical styles – his live performances are always an energetic mixture of rock, folk, blues, and jazzy funk. He is an accomplished performer, his prowess with the guitar dazzling audiences as he plays improvised instrumental tunes which range from “anything from flamenco to blues to jazz to African influences.”
    You will delight in hearing him live in concert. To see John perform is a joy – his exquisite guitar work is spellbinding.
    Combine his extraordinary talent with an approachable, open and friendly guy, and you have the definitive John Malcolm – a wonderful and integral part of the Brisbane music scene.

  4. Captain Dave Isom says:

    Jack the M, are you up for a duet with the 23rd.of June?
    I’m sailing up your way soon !

  5. Bill Collins says:

    I’d just like to say that I once again saw John perform live at The Joynt in Brisbane today, and I reiterate my comments – John is an amazing performer, and one of Brisbane’s beloved musical jewels. He continues to mesmerise and delight audiences with his incredible musical ability. Cool stuff. Go JM…!!

  6. Shell says:

    HI John, was wondering as to where you could be playing fri or sat Aug 16th,17th , would love to come see you when down in brissy? do you ever get up to sunny coast? Cheers Shell

  7. John Malcolm says:

    Friday August 16th right in the middle of town, street level, Brisbane Central Railway Station: The Grand Central Hotel 9:30 – 12:30.
    I hope you can make it.

  8. Peter Gorman says:

    Hi John
    we spoke at the Joynt june 2 hoping you can make a date with us up at Noosa late August 23 + through sept . . . look forward to a reply.

  9. Peter Harrison says:

    Hi lovely to catch you on the web. Many mezmorising memories. I tell my son who has been playing 5 or 6 years, listen and watch. He’s 13 and I recount times of music. Peter Harrison

  10. Peter Harrison says:

    Hi John and thanks . I remember our youth often- all the good times. I went to see Leonard Cohen recently, remembering a few nights on the beach with the fire glow. My family are going to your gig on Friday night – I can’t be there unfortunately. My son might introduce himself – ” Datjin ” and maybe Sam. Let me know if you come this way , Melbourne and vice versa for me. Hope you’re well and happy

  11. Peter Harrison says:

    No worries, they did. Next time. All the best.Peter

  12. Tony says:

    Great to know that John is still around playing. Myself and a group of friends would go specifically to watch him ( and ‘the breeze’ ) every Friday night at the Embassy Hotel around 1988-89 ( even though we were underage, lol ). Man, good times.. He even GAVE me a tape he was selling back then.. Which leads me to why I found this site..He partly inspired me to play guitar myself. One of my favourite songs of his is to play is ‘The Habits in my fingers’ – simple to play but great lyrics.. I forgot one of the verses, it’s on the tip of my tongue. Couldn’t find a video or anything of that song, but videos of songs like ‘In another world’ take me right back to a Happy place.
    Hat’s off to you John.. you ARE a living legend still to me and many others i’m sure.

  13. Jason hale says:

    Hey sir malcom
    How about putting some tab up so we all can play your songs..?

  14. Zander says:

    Walking past KC’s in Airlie Beach on Tuesday night with my wife, here’s this Dude blasting out Hallelujah on his Slide guitar, there’s not much else happening in’ town
    So we decide to grab a seat and have a listen we were both blown away with the performance PURE entertainment.
    Went back Wednesday night first song up John snaps his first string” I’ll be back in a minute” He announces and disappears to replace it.
    Two songs later he does exact same thing on the newly replaced string unflustered he shouts out OOps! Must be the Airlie Beach humidity, picks up his 12 string and carries on performing.
    After replacing the second burst string he pumps out some amazing blues songs,
    I nip off to the toilet and when I return I can’t believe my eyes, the 6th string has been hacked to death and is now hanging off the back of the fretboard.
    This guys a musical maniac, he’s battering his instruments to death but he’s doing it so beautifully.
    Thursday night sadly our last night in Airlie and back we go back for more, this guys infectious, during the break John come over and says hi and during the conversation informs us he plays in the Brisbane area, Hallelujah! We’re heading home to the Gold Coast and will definitely be heading up to Brisbane to see you perform again John.
    The weather has been piss poor but the entertainment was amazing. Thank You!!

    Zander and Lauren

  15. solarrn says:

    I was lucky enough to meet John Malcolm briefly at Stradbroke Island on the 8th of June. As a music and event fantastic, I can confidently say he is more talented than any modern musician I have ever witnessed live in the 21 years of my life and 10+ countries I have visited. I loved his originals and some classics that he enhanced, his talents mesmerized me. Your music make me appreciate life. Rock on man! Solar –

  16. Jason hale says:

    Hey john
    Couple of my favs
    I feel
    Another world
    Cheers Jason

  17. renoir1902 says:

    First time I caught JM was in the old Brisbane Hotel in the early 1980’s. (Yes, sorry, we’re both that old…) After years of travelling all over the place it’s good to know you’re still the great entertainer you were back then! I’m down Ballina way these days – a part of the world you ever get near? (I still annoy the neighbours singing ‘Just Another Sunday in Suburbia’ when they disturb my weekend!)

    • John Malcolm says:

      That would have been 1981. I recall I had a terrible repertoire at that stage.
      “I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now” – Bob Dylan “My Back Pages”
      Thanks for remembering; come to a gig sometime!

  18. Guy says:

    John you rock love the music you play and the way you plz everyone in the room thanks for your music

  19. Vicki Henderson says:

    Oh the memories; I moved away from Brissy back to FNQ in 1989 and had spent a good few Friday nights at The Embassy. Loved, loved, loved you and Cat – was there the night Cat played his last before moving (to New Zealand was it? Bit hazy!!). Still have the tapes and the memories……I just heard a snippet of music that reminded me of your style and that’s how come I looked you up. Good to see you’re still going and you look younger than ever!! Vicki H

  20. Stephanie Sullivan says:

    Hi John. Through the wonders of this marvel called ‘apps’ I have found spotify and rediscovered your music. Am listening now and wonder do you remember me from soo long ago – I was David Sier’s partner when we were all at Melb Uni. Would love to come and see you play if ever you are in Melb. Great to hear you again. Stephanie aka Stevie

  21. Dan says:

    The Story Bridge Hotel ………the sound of 15 Harley Davidsons starting up followed by Angel Gear ….. is it 1993 again

  22. shala says:

    Hello John,I used to come and see you at Boroughs wine bar in Scarborough.How have you been? still doing the marathons?Looks like you are still performing? do you perform for private gigs?
    Best Regards,

    -regularly running up Mt Cootha but not doing the Bridge to Briz this year ; numbers are capped and the course is temporarily different. I am still gigging and yes I do private gigs. thanks for contacting me. Regards, John

  23. fiona says:

    Hi John, I first heard you at the story bridge in the early 90’s where I remember being left mesmerised & speechless.. then you were offering tape recordings after the gig which I promptly had to have, which I have cherished over the years but it was damaged & I hadn’t copied had a yellow & black cover design & your name..what do you think of my chances are of ever owning another copy.. wonderful to see you are still performing, I don’t live in briz anymore but you have given me reason to visit 🙂 regards fi

  24. Cathy says:

    Hi John!
    I think I saw you in the Whitsundays area once, it may not have been but either way I came away with Highlights and Pieces of String. I just rediscovered both of them today on an old hard drive and man oh man what a rediscovery it was! ‘Naked’ is a truly awesome song. The beginning, ‘Are you feeling cold, are you feeling old, have you wandered far from home…’ always gives me chills. Thanks for the memories!

  25. Paul the Pom says:

    John – loved Humpybong Express on Saturday, had to leave earlier than we wanted to as the designated driver (wife! 😉 ) was starting to feel a little out of sorts.. but what a fantastic night. Sorry I couldn’t stay until the end and help you pack up 🙂
    Absolutely brilliant music.

  26. Darky says:

    Hiya John, Darky here. Have followed your gigs since the mid 90s at the Embassy Hotel Brisbane n where ever i could find you. Own most of your cassette tapes from back in the day of You n the Breeze. Caught up again at Taps 2014 Mooloolaba. Small crowd, kinda personal gig. MAN YOU STILL OWN THE SHOW!!! Just missed your current Sunny Coast gig. Hope to see you again soon! DARKY. JOHN YOURE A LEGEND

  27. John Malcolm says:

    Thanks Darky. If you drop in to Peregian Beach Hotel, ask them when they are getting me back. Meanwhile watch for gigs at The Yacht Club, Mooloolaba. Highlights (with the Breeze) is now available on CD or can be downloaded at

  28. dylan722016 says:

    Thanks for re-releasing Highlights. I had a copy on tape I bought from you at the RE (Toowong) back in the day, and I missed it.

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